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A Harsha is the talented director behind this Telugu action entertainment film, Bhimaa. This upcoming film features Gopichand, Priya Bhavani Shankar, and Malvika Sharma in leading roles and promises to be an exhilarating cinema experience.

When Bhimaa opens on 8th March 2024, audiences can expect a star-studded cast, a gripping storyline, and a mix of action and entertainment.

Bhimaa Cast

It has a great ensemble cast, including charming Gopichand, diverse Priya Bhavani Shankar, and cute Malvika Sharma.

In addition to them, several characters are played by actors who are seasoned professionals in their respective fields, such as Nassar, Naresh, Poorna, Vennela Kishore, Raghu Babu, Mukesh Tiwari, Rao Srinivas, Chammak Chandra, Venkatesh, Cheluvaraj, Roller Raghu, Niharika, Rohini, and many others.

Cast members have a wide range of talents, so this story has something for everyone.

Movie Bhimaa
Language Hindi
Screen 2D
Release Date 8 March 2024
Star Cast Tottempudi Gopichand, Priya Bhavani Shankar, Malvika Sharma, Naresh Vijay Krishna, Vennela Kishore, Sapthagiri, Raghu Babu
Country India
Genres Action, Drama
Director A. Harsha
Producer K. K. Radhamohan
Music Ravi Basrur
Cinematographer Swamy J. Gowda
Writer A. Harsha
Production Companies Sri Sathya Sai Arts

Bhimaa Director

He developed his image into what it has become today through involvement in various projects equally significant to this one, “Bhimaa,” as he was known as A Harsha, A.K.A. Harsha, or AKA Harsha. Having a keen sense of storytelling and visually arresting sequences of events, he has carved himself out of a niche in the film industry by exhibiting such skill.

The director’s choices and mannerisms are expected to give Bhimaa a distinctive taste among the other action movies.

Music in Bhimaa

The music in this movie is done by Ravi Basrur, who creates soulful tunes that add depth to every scene. Basrur manipulates feelings through his music, so his work will be a big part of the movie. The audience’s cinematic experience will be enhanced with this musical’s soundtrack.

Bhimaa Review

Swamy J Gowda manipulates the camera behind Bhimaa, an essential element in any movie. Undoubtedly, he’ll satisfy our eyes with his mastery of visual artistry since it compliments the story. With his expertise, action sequences will look grander, making each frame a unique piece of cinematography.

In Bhimaa, Tammiraju is responsible for editing the film, which ties together all the scenes and maintains a sense of tempo and tension. His editing skills, for example, contribute significantly to how the narrative flows throughout Bhimaa, ensuring the audience remains glued to their seats.


The storyline of this film revolves around Gopichand’s character, along with those of Priya Bhavani Shankar and Malvika Sharma. It will be important to maintain some secrecy concerning specific plot details to build anticipation, but there will be a perfect blend of action, drama, and entertainment within these circumstances.

Furthermore, it features a powerful ensemble cast and crew members poised to provide audiences with never-before-seen cinema outside the traditional scope.

Insight into Production

Bhimaa, produced by Sri Sathya Sai Arts under the direction of KK Radhamohan, demonstrates the dedication and passion that went into its creation. This decision reflects the choice of experienced producers like Radhamohan, who seek excellence while believing in the potentiality of such a project.

Therefore, Bhimaa will be a visually stunning spectacle that will resonate well with viewers due to its production value and the creative input of the cast and crew.

Bhimaa Release Date

Bhimaa’s release date, March 8, 2024, has excited film enthusiasts. In addition, its promotional materials, including trailers and posters, have created some suspense as people anticipate an experience beyond the usual.

Keeping up with the high-voltage, action-packed masalas trend, it should make headlines in Tollywood.


In conclusion, With its stellar cast, unique storytelling, and high production values, “Bhimaa” is guaranteed to be a cinematic extravaganza come March 8, 2024. Its perfect blend of action, drama, and entertainment will make headlines in Tollywood and leave a lasting impression. Expect something out of the ordinary in this film.

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Bhimaa’s release date?

The movie Bhimaa will be released in theatres on 8 March 2024.

Who directed the movie Bhimaa?

A. Harsha has directed the movie.

Bhimaa cast

Tottempudi Gopichand, Priya Bhavani Shankar, Malvika Sharma, Naresh Vijay Krishna, Vennela Kishore, Sapthagiri, Raghu Babu.

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